Mudryk likes the post slamming Cucuraya for the hammer game

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Chelsea attacker Mykhailo Mudryk ‘s Instagram account has been liking a fan post criticizing Marc Cucurella’s performance against Wes Ham 1-1 English Premier League battle last Saturday

The ufabet game at the London Stadium, “Sing the Blues”, took the lead first from Joao Felix in the 16th minute of the game, but Emerson, the former boy of the team, equalized for the home team in the 28th minute. Finally, there were no additional goals. Sharing points amid the disappointment of the blue disciples

In the second half, there was a moment. When Mudryk showed his inadequacy towards Cucuraya, clearly when the Spanish footballer got the ball. Who instead of passing the ball to Mudric at speed, found an empty space but dribbled. Centering and making easy passes for Enzo Fernandez. 

This moment, and several such incidents, was brought up by a fan. Who post an Instagram meme describing Guguureja allowing Mudryk to crash his car.

This became a media issue when Mudryk’s IG account also liked the post. Which, if it is the person who presses himself, should be talked about quite a bit, both in the media and in the team

Earlier on Thursday, Chelsea owner Todd Bohly liking’s Twitter account to criticize ex-player Franck Leboeuf. Reya said that he did not deserve to be a player of the club and should not have played again.