Liverpool talks inside, sells famous stars, is expected to have the name Salah

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Liverpool are in internal discussions. About selling superstars from the team One of them is Mohamed Salah.

Football Insider reports that Salah has emerged as one of the stars Liverpool will be considering for sale in the summer transfer window. It requires a sample fee of at least 50 million pounds, excluding other bonuses.

The report, citing information from inside sources, indicates that Liverpool are planning major surgery in the offseason. After facing a not so memorable season In the midst of the news of the sale of Fenway Sports Group’s club ufabet. There are currently no offers. come in seriously. Therefore, Liverpool will have to consider selling star players at a high price. 

For a major reinforcement in the summer of this year The same goes for selling Sadio Mane, who has the final year of his contract, to Bayern Munich for up to £35m, opening the way for new signing Darwin Nunez. For Salah signed a new contract with Liverpool last year. Earn up to £400,000 a week in wages. In a two-year contract that last until 2025

‘We’re not surprised when Liverpool are beaten by Wolves, by Brentford, by Brighton (twice) any more. They are losing because of bad performances and that’s alarming. Klopp’s philosophy is masterful when in full flow but it’s not working and I’m not sure he has a Plan B.

‘The uncertainty over the club’s ownership and over the manager is not helping. It is a mess off the pitch and that is leaking on to it.’